Mirko Caserta Music

I am a jazz student in my spare time. I record the songs I study, then I publish them here so I can keep track of my progress. All mp3 files here are free to download, no strings attached. The music is also available in podcast form.Email me. My personal site.
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"Amerika", Mirko (b).

"The Chicken", Mirko (b).

"Falling In Love With Love", Mirko (b).

"If I Could See You Now", Mirko (b).

"The Eyes Of A Star", Mirko (b).

"Of You This I Dig", Mirko (b).

"You Jumped Off A Dream", Mirko (b).

"Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" (from Frozen), Mirko (piano).

I Fall In Love Too Easily

Recorda Me (Take 2)

Recorda Me (Take 1) 


Without A Song